A Word About Yesterday’s Snowball Fight

Official statement from the organizers of the DC Snowpocalypse Guerrilla Snowball Fight 2009.

The “detective” who started waving his gun around inappropriately without even identifying himself as an officer of the law needs to be reprimanded.  To those who were there with us at the snowball fight, the difference of knowing that the person waving a gun is a hot-headed law enforcement agent who is unlikely to shoot outside of strict protocol versus a random thug with a penchant for violence is HUGE.  When that gun was drawn, many feared for their lives and those of their friends.


Bring your mittens and killer instinct.

Announcing The DC Snowpocalypse Guerilla Snowball Fight 2009!

Where? 14th & U st. NW

What? Massive guerilla snowball fight in the middle of the street.

When? Saturday, December 19th, 2009 @ 2 PM.

We will also be tweeting details at twitter.com/futuremagining.

The only way to play it safe is to bring a posse.  This may be complete anarchy.

Remember, if you’re throwing a snowball- you’re game.